JULY 2018

We had a lower turn out this month.  Not sure if it was the overcast sky, high humidity, or people on vacation.  But those that came had a great time.

We have had to make some changes in the time we start turning the cars.  We have been starting at 4 at the top of the hill but have had to delay it until 4:30.  If you are bringing a car, please wait until one of our volunteers tells you it is your turn.  This makes for far less confusion.


Randy for the Roamin” Angles car club assisted us this month by choosing the lucky winners.


Best Truck – Gerry & Kim Ortiz from Roseville


Best Truck 2018


Best Stock – Duane Lewis from Newcastle

Best Stock 2018


Best Modified – John Massey from Auburn

Best Modified 2018


Next month will be Hot August Nights in Reno.  If you can’t get up there, please join us.

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