JUNE 2017

Our record has remained perfect.  We have never had rain in the 33 years of Auburn Cruise Nite.  But it was very close this month.  And a week later we are going into a 7 day heat wave of 100 plus degrees.  Guess we can all be thankful for the cool evening last week.

It was Kool with a K when the dragsters fired off.  There is nothing like sound they make.  Hope you were able to hear them.  We try to have them every year.  So if you missed them, they will be back.

We had a bit of a mix up taking pictures of the winners for June.  No one wrote down their names or the class they won.  If I get this information, I’ll make sure I post it here.

But here are the pictures of the winners and their very Kool cars.





Hope to see you next month.

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