2023 DATES


This is this years book cover.

5 pm to 9 pm

2nd Friday of the month

Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA –   4 blocks between Elm and High Street

If using GPS to find the entry point for cars, please use the Gold Rush Museum

601 Lincoln Way

If you are bringing a car to show we encourage you to come early as most of the parking spaces are taken by 5 pm


12 Responses to 2023 DATES

  1. Jean nunez says:

    Hi, I alway came to this event with my dad. I love seeing all these cars and memories. However, it would be really nice to be able to see a poster of the car details. I would love to help the car owners create a poster for their cars with that info. How would I be able to reach them? My phone number is 530-305-6581. Thank you so much for putting together such a great event!

  2. Jamison says:

    I’ve always been going to these since I was 8

  3. Peter Logoluso says:

    What are the age limits of vehicles? Are newer cars welcome (2008)?

    • Auburn Cruise Nite says:

      We are a 1972 and older vehicles cruise nite. Hope to see you out there.

  4. Karen Rowley says:

    I am interested in the classic car show in Auburn

    • Auburn Cruise Nite says:

      We hope to see you out there this summer.

    • Darrel Musgrave says:

      This show should be open to pre smog vehicles I have a 73 Chevy truck highly modified and I’m not welcome at Auburn cruise night, only at Mel’s and I would much rather be part of Audarreburn cruise night

      • Darrel Musgrave says:

        My truck is now 50 years old, that’s a classic and a antique

      • Auburn Cruise Nite says:

        Darrel we are locked into the 1972 date for cars and hot rods. I just don’t see that changing.

  5. SwearyMcSnark says:

    Is there a way to buy previous year’s T-shirts? My dad, Mike Miracle, just had his truck broken into & they stole a bag with all of his Cruise Night shirts in it. He lives in Iowa now (so do I) and I’m wondering if I can buy some of these to replace the stolen ones. Thanks for your help.

    • Auburn Cruise Nite says:

      I asked Special T’s and Bill said a couple of years ago they had a sale on all their older stock. They may have some of last years. Sorry that happened to your Dad

  6. Teresa says:

    I enjoy these annual/monthly events in Auburn because it’s friendly, casual, shops are inviting, participants are friendly, weather is wonderful, music and the ginger martini sat Club Car!

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