2022 DATES


5 pm to 9 pm

2nd Friday of the month

MAY   13

JUNE   10

JULY     8



Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA –   4 blocks between Elm and High Street

If using GPS to find the entry point for cars, please use the Gold Rush Museum

601 Lincoln Way

If you are bringing a car to show we encourage you to come early as most of the parking spaces are taken by 5 pm

83 Responses to 2022 DATES

  1. Daniel says:

    Will the event still happen tonight? 9-9-22
    Lots of smoke, poor air quality, etc from the fire.
    just curious

    • Yes, Cruise Nite will happen tonight. Air quality has been improving drastically in the afternoon the last 2 days.

    • indianbob says:

      We had our 1956 speedster in the second Friday in August show but we’re not going tonight as we had planned because of the 100+degree heat mixed with the smokey air. Because of our ages in the mid 70s we just can’t take it so we’ll see you next year😷

  2. Roger Borba says:

    See you friday night for our first night with our 1968 Buick California GS350

  3. Rich Baird says:

    Please remind me via email

  4. Glenn Simon says:

    Is the first Cruise Nite for 2022 Friday, May 13?

  5. Persiphanie Dawson says:

    I was happy to know that we finally had Cruise Night. After everything that has happened during the pandemic, I can tell that everyone was ready to have their lives back.

  6. SwearyMcSnark says:

    Is there a way to buy previous year’s T-shirts? My dad, Mike Miracle, just had his truck broken into & they stole a bag with all of his Cruise Night shirts in it. He lives in Iowa now (so do I) and I’m wondering if I can buy some of these to replace the stolen ones. Thanks for your help.

    • So sorry to hear about your Dad’s loss. Special T’s is the tee shirt vendor. Contact them to see if they have anything left over from previous years. Talk to Jerry or Bill at 530-888-8200

  7. Darrel says:

    My truck is a 73, does that mean im not allowed to show my truck

  8. Amber Tremewan says:

    Can just anyone bring a car to park? Is there a sign up to bring a car?

    • As long as your car is 1972 or older, you can bring it. There is no registration. It is first come, first served. This is a free event for car owners and spectators. Please read and follow all the rules listed on our Rules page.

  9. karen wright says:

    I love Auburn! So glad to start our traditions back up.

  10. Pat Pelz says:

    Great that Cruise Nite is starting up again in Auburn.
    Would you know anyone who has an interest in Hot Rod and Chevy High Performance magazine collection dating from 1988 through 2003, all in good condition.

  11. Mark Marvin says:

    Is there any registration for the show, or do I just show up? I am new to Auburn, I have a 1961 Corvette, and was active in the Car scene in Socal. A member and past president of Classic Cruisers of North Orange County. Thanks!

    • Welcome to Auburn. There is no registration or fee. Please read the RULES page for more information. If you come early, please park in a striped city parking spot. A volunteer wearing a yellow vest will tell you when and assist you in turning your car. If you come early, you MUST be back at your car no later than 4pm. We look forward to see you and your car on Friday the 14th.

  12. Great to see that we are getting to some kind of norm after being quarantined for the last 13 months 😷

  13. Hi,
    Are you still accepting new vendors for the show?
    – Emily 🙂

  14. Tim McDonald says:

    All of us car lovers really look forward to this awesome event you guys put on every summer and really missed the 2020 season but now your back and I can’t wait thanks for continuing this event for us all to enjoy👍

  15. Paul Caselas says:

    Looking forward to a “normal” cruise night” season!

  16. Persiphanie Dawson says:

    I was afraid that 2020 Cruise Nite isn’t going to happen and I was right.

    • Eric Boucher says:

      Yep. 2020 can’t be behind us soon enough! I’m ready to start hanging out with the car family again. 😫

  17. Dennis Duesing says:

    See you early on the last Friday, My first time and I will be driving my 1969 Citroen Station Wagon. Hope I make it in. Planning to be there at staging by 3:30,

  18. indianbob says:

    what time will the 911 Ceremony Take Pl. because we might miss it if we’re in a restaurant eating at the time?

  19. Bill Becker says:

    I plan to bring my 1960 MGA this Friday, Sept 13. Since it is my first time and I have no idea what to expect in terms of lines, waiting etc, can somebody give me advice as to when to arrive, where to park, wait etc

    • We are expecting a large turn out Friday night. It might be wise to arrive between 3 and 3:30. You will need to park in a regularly marked parking spot. At 4, we will start turning the cars at the top of Lincoln Way. You MUST be at your car no later than 4. Please wait until one of our volunteers tells you it is your turn to turn your car. They are the people in the yellow vests. As far as telling you where there is a good spot to park to wait prior to 4, there really isn’t one.

  20. John Marcum says:

    I have a 1951 ford sedan I would like to enter, how do I register and what is the cost for September 13th?

    • There is no entry fee, just show up. We expect a big turn out for September. It will be our last of the season and we will also be having a 9-11 ceremony. You may want to come before 4 pm. If you do, please park in the regular parking spots until you are instructed by one of your volunteers that it is your turn to turn you car. They are the people in the yellow vests. We invite you to come and enjoy our downtown. If you do come early, you MUST be back to you car no later than 4 pm.

  21. Mario davis says:

    Ok found it lol..looks like fun

  22. Howard Hall says:

    Hello how do I put a car in the snow ?

    • Please read the rules page on this site. There is no charge and no registration to bring your car. Space is on a first come, first served basis. If you arrive before 5, please park in designated street parking spaces until one of our volunteers instructs you to turn your car. We usually have a good turnout in May because it is the first of the summer. You may want to come early. If you do, you MUST be back at your car by 4 so you will be there to turn your car. We hope to see you. Stop by the information table in front of Union Bank and say high.

  23. lloyd dillon says:

    With the gold country fair going on, and the grass valley car show this weekend, and the motorcycle racing, is the September 7th Friday cruise nite still happening?

  24. Randy says:

    What years allowed for cars

  25. Darrel says:

    Is this just Friday or is it Saturday also

  26. Peter says:

    Where do the VW’s tend to meet? Is it a planned location? Is there a contact person to join them?

  27. Victoria Beninga says:

    I’m going to do an On the Road report about Cruise Night for KAHI Radio in Auburn. One question – on this page, it says the event is from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and on the About page, it says 4:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m. Which time is correct? Thanks!

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  29. Brent Brandolino says:

    Do I need to register my car to show, or just show up?

    • arvcca says:

      There is no registration and no fee. Just come and have a good time. September is our last for this year. It is always well attended. We will be having a 9/11 program. Hope you will be there.

      Make sure you read the “Rules” page.

  30. Do all the cars still park facing forward, then at 5:00 all back out and back into the spaces? I watched that part of it one year and it was amazing how they all did that without hitting each other.

  31. William A. von Tagen says:

    I have a 1959 Ranchero with a matching 1960 fiberglass boat. I will be at Donner Lake for the entire month of July 2016 and it is only a short drive to Auburn. Can you accommodate a car and boat at your July 8, 2016 show?

  32. Woody says:

    Do you sell shirts at the car get together? If so whats the cost?

  33. Do you plan to have booths for vendors? We are a solar company and are interested.

    Thank you

    • arvcca says:

      We have limited space on the street for vendors because each space eliminates spots for 3 cars. And we are all about the cars. The spaces that are available are already taken for this year. We also try to limit vendors to car related products and food/drink products.

      Thank you for your interest.

  34. Tim McDonald says:

    Love your car show but missed it last year unfortunatley and could not purchase a teeshirt and was wondering if I can buy a 2015 shirt online since I live in the Bay Area ? If so can you email me back info on how to get one thanks Tim McDonald

    • arvcca says:

      Our tee shirt vendor is Special Tees in Auburn. Contact them to see if they have any shirts left. Their phone number is 530-888-8200. Hope to see you this summer

  35. Jeff Jackson says:

    Your post says come early because parking fills up about 5pm, is there a limit to how many cars are allowed?
    Would we be turned away if we’re not early enough?
    Just trying find out how that works.

    • arvcca says:


      Thanks for your comment. We try to accommodate everyone that comes. We had 321 cars on the street in May. May and September are the months with the most participation. The best entry point is Elm Ave at Lincoln Way. Many people start coming at 3 or 4 to get a spot. But we have cars coming in a little after five too. Just remember, if you come before 5 you MUST park in a marked parting spot until you are told by a staff member to turn your car. There is also a time limit posted that is in effect before 5 pm. If you come early to shop and enjoy Auburn, you MUST be at your car by 4 pm. Hope to see you in June

  36. Don Watson says:

    a fun place for everyone!!!!

    • Douglas Wood says:

      Wish I was going tonight. Got the granddaughter, so see you in June.

      Sent from my mobile device


  37. Douglas Wood says:

    So, if I come from Sacramento at 345pm will there be a space for my 69 El Camino?

    • arvcca says:

      Since there is no registration at this event, it is on a first come first served basis. I cannot guarantee anything, but we welcome you to come.

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  39. Gregory Mitchell says:

    It amazing to think how long Auburn Cruise Night has been going on! I can remember getting the 1969 RS Camaro shined up in high school “1989” to be precise and meeting all our friends with intentions of late night fun and drags! Nice to see even after many have moved away and times have changed, the friendly atmosphere still lives on! Always a fun time!

  40. Gary Garcia says:

    My first time at cruise night ,and had a great time.Great food,great people and best of all, great cars. How can you beat that !!!!!

  41. Teresa says:

    I enjoy these annual/monthly events in Auburn because it’s friendly, casual, shops are inviting, participants are friendly, weather is wonderful, music and the ginger martini sat Club Car!

  42. Debby Ritter says:

    Do you know of any other car shows close to Sacramento like yours? My son (14) loves cars of all types and it seems we might be late in the season. He would love to go to the Neillo Serrano car show on the 6 Oct but tickets are to expensive for us. Any info you have would be appreciated.

    • Mike Henry says:

      Debby – this reply comes pretty late but if your son is still interested keep an eye out for EuroSunday’s monthly car shows. Wide range of cars from muscle cars to European exotics, they meet at different spots in the Sacramento metro area on Sunday mornings. Locations in the last year have been Rocklin, Folsom, Sacramento, and El Dorado Hills. Their site listing date and locations are here:

      The July meet is July 27 at Mansour’s Rug Gallery in Roseville. A good group of cars is usually present by 8:30AM, and people start filtering out by 10:30AM or so.

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